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Protecting your family,
home and possessions 24/7
The biggest claim over winter is
‘escape of water’, largely as a result of burst water pipes.
During December 2011 insurers dealt
with over 12,000 claims a day at a cost of nearly £900 million for that period. Of these claims 103,000 were for burst pipe damage. The cost of these claims, at £680 million (average claim cost between £6,500-£7,200) was up 35% on the amount paid out during the whole of the Winter of 2009.
Source ABI
Protects your property from
burst pipes, water leaks
and over flowing baths by
automatic shut off.
Protects your property
from fire hazards by sms
notification if a smoke
alarm is activated.
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Protects your property from carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks by immediate gas shut off and sms notification.
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Protects your property
from loss of power by sms
notification if there is an
interruption to power supply. 
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